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Real Estate Investing Tips

Residential Property Management – Learn How to Collect Rent and Make Landlording More Fun

Collecting Partial Rent

There' s another concept we' ve got to think about, which is gathering partial rent versus full lease. Tenants will try to do this. Let' s say they owe dollar 1, 000 in rent. Now they' re a little short. They' ll send you $ 500 within the first or second read more

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing: Think First

The concepts of real estate investing are quite easy — buy low, sell high, take those family to Disneyland — yet there’s a steep learning curve. This is a complicated business, and you should prepare yourself with at least as much knowledge because investment capital.

Here are a read more

Finance and Flipping a House

It is good to know there are individuals who have made money from scratch. It has become always necessary to have money to create lots more. Very often , if you know how the system works you can use it within a way that is acceptable to obtain what you want. As long as in the finish you pay for what read more

Easy Real Estate Investment Income With Installment Sales

My eye were focused on the tip of the gazelle loaded in the crossbow which was directed at my face. It was a balmy summer day in Baltimore City; I was eleven, and the situation had been as sticky as the T-shirt dangling off my back.

My enemy was a tenant who was being evicted for non-payment of rent, read more