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Real Estate Investing Tips

Learn How to Flip Houses, How to Wholesale Real Estate, Wholesale Real Estate Investing

Learn How to Wholesale Houses: Make $40,000 Profit Money Flipping Hi it?s Neva at Today I?m continuing my series on going through some of my real-life wholesaling, assigning contract transactions. Stay tuned, I?m going to walk through my $40,000 deal. Hi, thanks read more

Terminology Tuesday (Tricks of the Trade) — How to Remove a Small Animal From a Mobile Home

(Note: I think it?s important to know the terminology and words used when learning any new business including mobile home investing. I came up with ?Terminology Tuesday? as a way to go over the terminology used in the mobile home business. It?s important to know the terminology read more

An Intro to BRRRR Real Estate Investing [Fixer Upper Rentals!]

You know what I really like about ligers? Picks the best traits of lions and the best traits of tigers and combines them into one beast and you know something else that combines the best of two things into something totally new and totally cool? BRRRR real estate investing. You know it?s the read more

What if We Quit Setting Goals? (Seriously?)

It’s an old familiar hum:

Every January, we kickoff the calendar year with New Years Resolutions: lose 10 pounds, make smarter investments, create an extra $1,500 per month on the side.

Yet by February, we?ve returned to life as usual. The discarded New Years Resolution has become a read more

When Should You Pay Back Your Private Lender?

When should you pay back your private lender? It?s another video in our private money series. Let?s dive into it. Hey, everyone. Welcome into another video in our private money series. I?m Clayton Morris. I?m a longtime real estate investor, and I?m the founder of a company, read more

Is Flipping Houses Profitable? [Formula for Success]

Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel, my name is Viet Tran and I am a real estate accountant by trade but on the side, my brother and I buy houses, renovate them and then flip them we sell them as a hobby, so today we?re gonna go through the financials reality of flipping a house as I mentioned read more

No Money Down – Strategy 1: Move Into Equity

Hey, Kris Krohn here with REITV. Thanks for joining us today. Today, I?m thrilled because we?re gonna be talking about one of my favorite no-money-down strategies because hey, if you?re gonna be a real estate investor, if you don?t need money and you don?t need credit, read more

Key rate of return for Multifamily apartment complexes- Steve Peterson

What?s a good rate of return that you should be looking at when you look at real estate?yeah well excellent question now theres within multi family theres different classes of assets right. you know the A. apartments that are brand new typical in the last 10 years in a better neighborhood read more

Real Estate Investing | Finding Your Wholesaling Sweet Spot

Hey wassup guys John Cochran here and today is System Saturday the day that I bring you a system that I use in my business that you can rip off duplicate using your own local market now this weekend is very very special it?s Memorial Day weekend so as you can see here I?m at a memorial read more