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Choosing the Right Purple Martin House Pole

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If you are looking for the purple martin house pole yet do not know which one to get, you came in order to the right place. Obviously, many people make use of their own home versions, which is good, but there are a few things you should know about what makes a good purple martin home pole.

First off, height associated with the pole is super essential. I know that many average birdhouses available can be placed at almost any height but it will surely attract some type of bird. However, the martin is a picky bird. They want to be high in the air plus clear of debris of any kind (including your home, trees, or tall grass). For this reason, you need a post that should reach at least 12 ft above the ground. I recommend heading a little higher if you can just so that you will have got room to expand upon this particular pole and keep all gourds plus houses above the needed 12 feet mark. Studies indicate this is the preferred height with regard to martins to nest at, yet higher is acceptable.

Secondly, violet martin houses are often much more large than your average bird home. In fact, many people put up the large T-14’s which are bulky and very heavy. With the wind pressing and blowing, you will want something that you are able to ensure will stand up to the solid storms that come throughout the Spring and Summer months. I recommend actually evaluating what will work with the dimension of purple martin house you plan on building or purchasing.

Martin landlording is more than just placing the bird house up on top of the pole and letting it sit. In fact, it is absolutely necessary to monitor the progress of your colony on a regular basis. This means that you need to be able to lower the house to eye level to be able to clean the compartments as well as ensure that your colony has everything that it requires to continue to grow. From a rod perspective, this absolutely means that you need to find a pole that is either exending or has a winch / pulley system built onto it.

The exending purple martin poles is exactly what you think it is. You know those telescopes your children got when they were young. They would fold up into something smaller sized and when they would play with them the telescope would fold out. There are telescoping purple martin posts that allow you the ability to reduce a martin house in the same manner.

The winch and pulley system purple martin posts are probably the preferred design. They are slightly safer because you are frequently able to be away from the pole while you lower and raise it. This means that if there is anything wrong along with the security of your setup, expense come crashing down on you. As well, most people find them much easier to increase and lower as you have the age-old leverage system. Like We said, these purple martin homes can get heavy, you will want something to be able to easy for raising and lowering.

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