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Is Flipping Houses Profitable? [Formula for Success]

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel, my name is Viet Tran and I am a real estate accountant by trade but on the side, my brother and I buy houses, renovate them and then flip them we sell them as a hobby, so today we’re gonna go through the financials reality of flipping a house as I mentioned this will all be the financial aspect involved in flipping not the actual renovation. This is more toward we’re talking about if you’re getting a conventional, FHA, veteran or some sort of loan. We’re not talking about if you have 100 – 150k cash and you go in and straight out buy a potential flipper for $100,000 and you drop another $30-40,000 for renovating that’s completely different than this but even with that you know, if you follow along, maybe some of these might be applicable to that with that being said, by the end of this video I hope you can make a more educated decision on whether a flip opportunity is worth it, as well being more exposed to the as the potential profit as well loss involved in a transaction.

I firmly believe that in order for us to be successful for anyone to be successful, we need strategy. My brother and I have our firm strategy, we have our way of tackling things.

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