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Flipping Houses: Make $ 30,000 a Month Flipping Real Estate

Okay, you know the drill: purchase a house below the current market rate, make some repairs and improvements to it, and then turn around and sell [flip] the house to generate big profits.

While the concept of flipping houses is nice, the reality is that so much more is involved in flipping real read more

Choosing the Right Purple Martin House Pole

If you are looking for the purple martin house pole yet do not know which one to get, you came in order to the right place. Obviously, many people make use of their own home versions, which is good, but there are a few things you should know about what makes a good purple martin home pole.

First off, read more

Bubble Schmubble, Real Estate Investing for Now and Forever

The real estate world is still getting bombarded with the luminous thought of real estate bubble bursting or popping or even whatever it' s supposed to be performing. High priced markets and warm areas like Miami, Las Vegas and Phoenix have certainly noticed a recent decline in pre-construction read more

Purchasing Investment Property – 10 Things to Consider Before Diving Into Real Estate Investment

When considering including real estate as part of your investment decision portfolio, there are a lot of factors you will need to consider. It is not just a matter of selecting a property to invest in, because you may also need to answer a few questions regarding your investment. Not every investment read more