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When Should I Put My Purple Martin House Up?

Posted on May 3, 2018 By

Being that purple martins are usually migratory birds, it is difficult to state exactly when the martin houses ought to be put up. I wish I can give you an exact date, but I can not. My recommendation is to take a look at a purple martin migration chart. You can find several by just carrying out a quick Google Search. You ought to then have a general idea of ​​when you can expect to see some of the first martins arriving in your area.

Being this winter season has been extremely close, I think it is safe to say that the martins are migrating a little slower compared to average. They are probably a couple of weeks at the rear of schedule for the 2010 season a minimum of. I will use my own location for example.

Based on the maps as well as the weather conditions this year, I expect to observe purple martins arriving in my region somewhere around March 1st. What I would recommend doing is placing out your martin bird house simply no later than 2 weeks before this particular date you have come up with. This opportinity for your Oklahomaans, you should probably curently have your martin homes out. For those of you in Florida, you probably must have had it out for a few weeks today.

The idea is that you would like the scouts to be able to find your own homes quickly and early within the season. This means a growing nest for you! By putting out your home early, I highly recommend making every day inspections of it. Ensure that you maintain starlings and other annoying birds through nesting in it. If you capture them trying to do so, simply rip out the nest and clear it with a little water and dried out it out well. Once the particular purple martins arrive, they will discover your house to be very cozy! Good fortune this season! (

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